April Favorites: Affordable Cruelty-Free Makeup & Goodies

Can I just start by saying how odd it is to write April Favorites when technically any monthly “favorites” article I write is still an April favorite? I also can’t get over how fitting it is that my first “favorites” post is actually in April?! Just some thoughts I couldn’t get over when writing this, but I digress…

April’s been a crazy month for me already and we’re only 12 days in. Aside from my body changing and needing every article of clothing known to man, a fact that my boyfriend was a true champ about while following me around the store and sitting in what seemed to be the designated “man” sitting section of each dressing room, I have been trying new things like crazy. I’m excited to share some of these items with you and know that I’m holding off on other items until I can properly test them to give you a more informed decision. Now, onto the list!

ELF Matte Lipstick (Cruelty-Free) | Hearts & Style

E.L.F. Matte Lip Pen in Cranberry (Cruelty-Free)

I picked this pen up while in line at Target and got a few steps away before I read “comes with sharpener” and wondered what I got myself into. Props to laziness, because the fact that I didn’t walk out of line to put this back was a small miracle. I am diggin’ this pen! It’s smooth like a lipstick but looks like a cross between a *fat stick* and a lip liner pencil. In fact, I trace along the edge of my lips first, like a lip liner, before filling in the rest. Since it’s Spring, it’s the perfect season to play around with a vibrant pop of color in your lipetoire. And this thing works! It’s a matte lipstick, so if you like a little gloss it’s easy to just put a little chapstick afterward to get the finish you like. It’s almost as good as a lip stain, without the fear of making a mistake and being stuck with it all day or scrubbing off half your face to get the stain off. (Who else has done this?) E.L.F. several colors available, so there’s lots of chances to find your perfect color.

GTs Enlightened Synergy Organic and Raw Kombucha Gingerberry

If you don’t know what Kombucha is, don’t worry – it’s been around for a long time but most people don’t know what the heck it is. Kombucha is a naturally fermented tea beverage. It’s a probiotic drink that encourages good digestion and gut health. It’s also super tasty! It generally comes in fruit flavors. GTs Enlightened Synergy’s Gingerberry, for example, is a 100% organic Kombucha flavored with blueberry juice and ginger. I’m not a fan of most flavors, but Gingerberry has always been my favorite because it’s a little more tart than sweet, unlike most fruit-flavored items. (#BadVegan who doesn’t like sweet unless it’s chocolate.) The smell is a little strong the first time you open the cap, but the taste is well worth it. I don’t know what’s been driving my craving for this lately, but I’ve been drinking at least three a week. If you’re looking for a non-caffeinated, non-carbonated drink to spice up your beverage game, I would definitely recommend this beverage.

Pixi H20 SkinTint Cruelty-Free Skincare at Target | Hearts & Style

Pixi H20 SkinTint in Cream (Cruelty-Free)

If you don’t know Pixi, it’s a cruelty-free makeup and face care line easily accessible in any Target store. I was introduced to it when looking for a regular moisturizer/oil and only just got around to trying it this month. I was not disappointed! H20 SkinTint is a hydrating water-based product that provides an extremely lightweight coverage, just enough to smooth out your complexion and give you get that fresh, no makeup look without having to use traditional makeup to get it. (You know what I mean, ladies!) Full disclosure, I’m pretty lazy most mornings and don’t wear makeup every day. My “no-makeup look” is typically the read-deal. Like anyone else though, I do like to dress up for date nights or when I just feel extra perky that day. (A.K.A., the coffee be flowing that morning!) This moisturizer lets me feel a little more dolled up without having to fuss with foundation, powder, finishing spray and all those things I don’t have the patience for. And if you’re perpetually pale and sun-phobic, the moisturizer has several shades to make you look a little more tan without the being exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. The other great aspects about this SkinTint is how affordable and long-lasting it is! It only ran me about $24 and the tube is deceptively big. It will easily last you all Spring – just enough time to fall in love with it, too.

LightLife Veggie Deli Turkey Slices (Vegan) | Hearts & Style

LightLife SMART Veggie Deli Turkey Slices (Meatless)

If you only tried one new food all month – it should be this one! These little slices of heaven are made from LightLife, a brand that makes several types of faux meats that you can find in the produce section of most major grocery stores here in the south. The slices look like bologna, but they taste fairly close to the turkey sandwiches I remember as a kid (which was probably the only meat I ever liked growing up). I found these recently, as you may have seen with my totally immature artistic photo of a sandwich that looks scarily close to a frog eating sunflower seeds. These faux turkey slices are made mostly of soy and are vegan-friendly! They’re delicious and a perfect way to join in on family picnics in the park this Spring. (Bonus: Their website features several recipes to spruce up your sandwich game.)

Cruelty-Free Skincare At Target | Hearts & Style

Pixi Rose Oil Blend (Cruelty-Free)

Like I mentioned before, I was introduced to the Pixi brand through this Rose Oil Blend. After trying so many moisturizers this past Winter, and being allergic to every one of them, I stumbled upon this face oil by accident. Not only was I not allergic to it, but it worked without causing excess grease or breakouts. (A small miracle!) Like all of the Pixi line, the bottle is super chic-looking and comes with a small dropper top. You only need about 2-3 drops to cover your whole face, so a small bottle will last you a long time. It’s light and absorbs into your skin quickly, which makes it ideal to wear under makeup, SPF or even the tinted moisturizer. (To give you an idea of how well Pixi products work, I’m able to wear both the oil and SkinTint without getting oily.) I highly recommend this product for both it’s amazing benefits, affordability and convenience to purchase. It’s only been a month, but this face oil has already become a staple in my everyday skincare routine.

I hope you love these products as much as I do!

Which brings me to my question of the day…

What are your April Favorites? Share your list or link with me at the bottom so I can keep up with what you’re falling for this Spring!

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