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Pineapples Forever

Was anyone else ready for Spring a couple weeks ago? I know I was! The weather was perfect, the air felt new and I had my sunnies on as I cruised through the morning traffic. Imagine my surprise when I walked into work and entered into some strange freeze warning. Sometimes the office air conditioner just doesn’t get the memo the Spring has sprung! While the thermometer is breaking 90 degrees outside the thermostat inside seems to be stuck below 70. Yikes! I wasn’t prepared then, but I feel completely prepared in this Spring-inspired grey sweater from Old Navy.

I love this sweater. It’s soft and lightweight, but just heavy enough to keep me from getting too chilly indoors. The neckline is wide enough that I could still have put a button up undershirt underneath for a trendy pop effect if I wanted to. But I’m in Florida, so let’s be honest ladies – Spring is too hot here for that. I didn’t bother to put my hair up today, but we can pretend it’s just another ditch effort to combat the cold.

Hearts and Style | H&M Pineapple Sweater

Now, I am a notorious comfy and casual jean-girl, but sometimes you just have to dress it up a bit. To stay comfortable and still work appropriate, I chose to pair the sweater with my favorite black Suit Pants from H&M. They’re actual pants (zippers and all) but they have enough stretch that they feel like you’re wearing leggings. The front/side zippers are just another cool detail to make the pants pop. Sadly, while the detail zippers work, they open up to nothing. So if you were hoping for storage space, you may want to look into some of the brand’s other Suit Pants. Be careful while shopping around, though! Some of H&M’s pants contain wool. A “no-no” for you cruelty-free fashionistas.

Hearts and Style | Old Navy Grey Sweater and Black Pants H&M

Hearts and Style | Pants with Zipper Details H&M

If I haven’t lost my comfy and casual lovers yet, you’ll be happy to know I also kept the vibe going with lace slip-ons. I wear these guys everywhere and they are my second pair of this style. I love them! They’re comfortable enough to walk in all day and easy to kick off under your desk. (Do it! No one will know!) They’re great everyday shoes and super affordable. I picked them up at Payless and now I bulk order these bad boys from their website. Thank goodness for Internet shopping!

Black Flats | Work Shoes | Hearts and Style

And last up, my question of the day: do you guys have fun with photos? My trusty photography (a.k.a. my boyfriend, Jonathan) kept dropping jokes while snapping pictures. We went from jokes to strike a ridiculous pose to give me duck face. Those completely-pro cues are how you end up with gems like these.

Strike a pose

April from Hearts & Style

I’ve included links to everything in the sidebar, in case you want to try one of these pieces for yourself. I hope you have a great day, and get some Spring-inspiration if you’re stuck in an office today.

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