Hearts & Style | A Cruelty-Free Lifestyle & Fashion Blog

Welcome To Hearts & Style

Hearts & Style is a lifestyle and cruelty-free style blog. The human behind the keyboard is me, April. My blog focuses primarily on showing ways to live compassionately, elegantly and affordably. I hope to inspire you to live a more fun and stylish life, one conscious purchase at a time.

April, Who?

I’m a California-born vegan, raised in Jacksonville, Florida and the wrong music era. I’ve been writing as long as I can remember and graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Journalism. By the time I left UF, I had already started a career in social media marketing and web design, so I essentially left my Journo passion for writing about others to write for others. I started my own social media and web design consulting company with my boyfriend, Jonathan in 2016. Together, we continue to make other people’s slices of the Internet classier and more connected.

As for my lifestyle, meat and I have always had a bad relationship – I couldn’t stand meat and meat is everywhere. We officially broke up in 2014 (and don’t keep in touch). Dairy and I, on the other hand, had a lovely relationship until February 2016 when I finally ditched dairy too and went vegan. I told myself I’d try it for a week. A week turned into a month, a month into six months and we’ve been going steady ever since.

I’ve always been fascinated by the fashion industry – how clothing was constructed and how people express their personal styles. (Project Runway, anyone?) I took classes on how to sew and continue to dabble in the world of fabrics and breezey blouses from time to time. The disconnect for me as a child growing up in the 90s and early 2000s, when skin was in and over-styling and over-layering was trendy, was that I was always more “modest” and “edited” in my looks. Sure, I admit to the days I rocked slinky butterfly clips and chains on my pants, but every trend I tried grew old quickly as I returned to my personal style preferences. It took me till my early twenties to realise I wasn’t “matronly”, as my friends joked, but that I enjoy a more vintage, classy and casual style. (Hello midi’s and skinny jeans!) My tastes change with the seasons, but I can safely say you won’t catch me in any butterfly clips on this blog.

Hearts & Style developed for my itch to write about something for me again. I saw my fair share of vegans rocking t-shirts and leggings every day and even though I’m a huge fan of both, it frustrated me to see new vegans and non-vegans looking to make more compassionate clothing choices and struggling to find stylish pieces to wear when bumming it just isn’t an option. I’d been there too and I wanted to lend a hand to those ladies looking for a little chic to add to their wardrobe. I’m here to share more style options for women looking for that connection between heart and style, between making the kind choice and the cute choice. Hearts & Style is my way to show vegans that they don’t have to sacrifice style for ethics if they don’t want to; show non-vegans that they can still be lovely in cruelty-free fashions; and show the fashion industry that there’s a demand for ethically made products.

Hearts & Style is my slice of the Internet. Thanks for joining me here!