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Hello, lovelies! I hope you’re all feeling refreshed after the Easter festivities yesterday. Even though we’re only at Monday, who else feels like they need another weekend to recover from the weekend? This chick does! The last few days were a blur of working from home, errands, family time and working out. But alas, my 4 legged menagerie demands more food, toys, and treats so I guess I’ll go to work for them.

I don’t know if you had time for Instagram this weekend, but I went on and was blown away by the outfit posts. There were so many! And of course, everyone was a knockout in their Easter best. So as not to disappoint, I decided to get a bit dolled up too! And by dolled up, I mean I wore heels. That counts, right?

Fun Easter Look

Remember in my last outfit post when I said my closet was going to be filled with tied-front shirts this season? I wasn’t lying! I decided on a tied front, collared shirt and a lace skirt for Easter. Fun, flirty, and no zippers required!

I’ll be honest with you guys, this shirt was not meant to be a tied front shirt. It’s one of my favorite shirts that no longer fits me anymore. When I wear it as it should be (sans tie) it’s just the biggest thing ever. Since it’s the softest collared shirt I have, I really didn’t want to get rid of it! I was playing around while doing laundry Friday and decided to get a little creative. I undid the last few buttons and tied the ends. I love it! It’s still a little baggy in areas, but I use that extra fabric to hide the stomach from those who don’t want to be blinded by my incredibly pale midriff. (You’re welcome.)

Modern Vintage Tied Front Crop Top | Hearts & Style

Even when I wore this shirt pre-tie, I always rolled up the sleeves. I do it to everything. There’s just something about a ¾ sleeve that I love. Maybe it’s because it seems less casual than a shorter sleeve and maybe it’s because I’m always cold. Who knows.

Three Quarter Sleeve

The skirt, though! It’s no secret that I love lace. I own lace everything. There’s just something classic about it that gets me, and when you can find a soft lace like this? You can’t pass that up! (At least I can’t.) That’s how I ended up with this bad-boy. When I saw this French Fushia colored skirt I was already halfway in love – then I felt it. SOFT! It’s made from all man made material, but the built-in slip feels like silk.

Lace High Waisted Skirt | Hearts & Style

I almost always hike up my skirts to my waist, but I let this one go a tad bit further to keep the belly hidden. I didn’t think Jonathan’s and my family needed to see all that. Keeping it family appropriate, people. All.Day.Long. Plus, I think this look has a bit of a vintage vibe and wanted to keep that going by sticking to their higher waist trend. The muted faux leather crossbody worked out pretty well, too. I found this at Target and had to get it after seeing how big it was inside. I can easily fit all my junk or my DSLR and lens if they’re not connected.

The faux suede, leopard print heels were just for fun though. It was my way of creating a modern, sassy twist to the look, but also most of my heels are leopard-print. They kept me on my toes, which came in handy as the sun was coming up so quickly! (Can you tell when the sun came up from these photos? ;P) I love a good [faux] animal print, and I am not apologetic about it. You’ve got to do you, right?

Which brings me to my question of the day…

This was a super fun and feminine outfit for me, especially in the heels. It made my Easter extra special, and I hope whatever you wore and whoever you were with made yours special, too. My big question today is more of a request. Post your IG usernames in the comments below so I can check out your Easter threads, too!

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