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The Perfect Rainy Day Nautical Outfit To Get Swept Away In

I have a theory that whoever wrote the line “April showers brings May flowers” must have lived in Florida. Just four days in and we were woken up in the wee hours of the morning by thundering bellows and screeching winds, as a storm proceeded to rage outside. By we, I mean my chicken little meatloaf and me. The poor guy hates thunder, so he came crawling into bed and proceeded to steal all the covers. (Whoever said pets are easier than kids has never owned a pit bull. My babies are forever toddlers and I love them.)

Since I was extra tired caffeinated this morning, I thought I’d have a little fun with my outfit and add some irony to the crazy Florida weather. I wore my favorite navy, nautical-inspired sweater to work today. The anchor humor was not lost on my co-workers, that is until the storm took out our Internet and phone lines. (Side note: When your whole job revolves around the Internet, no Internet makes life a little difficult.)

Old Navy Anchor Sweater | Hearts & Style

Keep Rainy Days Fun With A Nautical-Inspired Anchor Sweater

This thing is so soft – it feels like you’re wearing your favorite blanket all day! It’s also just warm enough to handle an aircon, which is a nice consolation when you’re staring out your office window asking yourself if you’ll need the company rowboat to get to the car for lunch. No one wants to be cold while doing that, am I right? I’m happy to report that it made it through the whole day without stretching out, a trait I wish more sweaters had.
Cruelty-Free Sweater in Navy | Hearts & Style

Jeggings For Petite Women, Hallelujah!

To keep my theme fun and casual, I wore my favorite Old Navy Jeggings and polka dot sneakers. Ladies, I am obsessed with these pants! Anything that lets me feel like I’m wearing lazy-day wear while looking like a totally put together adult (which I am, of course) is a damn good piece of clothing in my book. Old Navy’s jeggings are soft and they offer them in petite sizes perfect for the compact cuties out there. Also, if you’re petite and your local store doesn’t carry any petite sizes (like mine), their website carries petite options or you could give the “regular” length pants a try. I was able to get a “regular” at my local Old Navy before running home to get petites online in bulk. (Another bonus to note is the amazing booty-hugging ability these jeans have, but we won’t go there today. :P)
Petite Jeggings from Old Navy | Hearts & Style
Polka Dot Sneakers | Hearts & Style

Big Umbrellas for Bigger Coverage

Of course, no rainy day would be complete in my life without an oversized clear-domed umbrella. For those of you questioning the need for an oversized umbrella vs a tiny, compact umbrella – let me tell you that it is a life essential! Tiny umbrellas don’t do a full-coverage job for you, your clothes and your bags that their oversized versions do. It’s something I believe anyone should have past the age of 19 when you realize the wet t-shirt look is completely inappropriate for public places and a limp, wet bun never looked good on anyone.
Clear Dome Umbrella and Sweater | Hearts & Style

Which brings me to my question of the day…

What items do you consider essentials in your wardrobe and accessories? Happy flood day!

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