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Style Faux Leather Leggings To Wear Anywhere

At the risk of sounding like a basic bitch (a title I fully embrace), I believe no woman can own enough leggings. As much as I love getting dolled up or rocking a booty-sculpting pair of jeans, there will always be part of me that longs for the all-day comfort that leggings provide. And with the birth of athleisure wear, I don’t mind being caught out in my comfiest pair from time to time. Heck, designers are even making fancier leggings and promoting them as a fashionable clothing choice! (I kid you not! Scroll down to see for yourself.)

The real problem becomes styling. Leggings typically range somewhere between “just rolled out of bed” cotton to “pretending I’m at the gym doing cardio” spandex to “about to hit the club” faux leather. Those are great, but I’ve noticed people struggle with fitting these into their everyday wardrobe. After all, no one wants to accidently look like they’re about to hit the gym at the bar – or worse – like they’re about to hit the club in the middle of a board meeting. So for my fellow basic bitches, I’m starting a #LoveMyLeggings series to show you exactly how you can style leggings to be appropriate for any occasion. Because they’re my favorite, here’s a few styling tips to sneak your favorite faux leather leggings into your everyday life.

Wear Leggings To Work And Get Away With It | Hearts & Style

Wear Leggings To Work – And Get Away With It

Am I the only one who loves getting away with “fake pants” in the office? Maybe so, but a great pair of black faux leather leggings and a feminine blazer are my favorite way to be comfy throughout all those meetings you wish you didn’t have to sit through. I always pair any faux leggings in the office with a dressy top to make sure I can ditch the blazer in the afternoon. If you’ve ever lived in Florida, you’ll know how we can tell the time of day based on the temperature in the office. Ugh. Full disclosure, I actually own this top and I love it! The photo doesn’t do it justice, but you get the idea of “dressy top”, right? Add a small purse and some cute flats or heels and no one will complain you’re inappropriately dressed in the office.

Wear Leggings On The Weekend | Hearts & Style

The Weekender Look – Stay Comfy and Stylish Around Town

My weekends are not always the relaxing, sit around the pool weekends I dream of. Most of the time, I’m bumming around town doing errands, working or dodging dung pies at the dog park. (What can I say? I’m classy like that.) Because I’m always on the go, I just want to be comfy. For any of you who can relate, this outfit is the perfect way to wear your leggings without feeling like a bum. I like to pair my faux leather leggings with this season’s hottest trend – off the shoulder tops – some canvas wedges and some sunnies. And for those of you sun-phobic gals out there, the panama hat trend is perfect for keeping our pasty selves sun burn-free!

Flirty Party Outfit With Leggings | Hearts & Style

All Dolled Up – It’s Your Party, Wear Leggings If You Want To!

I am always looking for cute dresses, but I struggle with many of the trendy styles. Call me shy, but I don’t like having to worry if a strong gust of wind is going to blow my skirt – and modesty – away. It’s not that hard with my height (short girl wins!) but on the off chance a dress is too short, pairing it with some cute leggings is a great option. Add a few bracelets, a cute statement necklace and a colorful pair of heels then you’re good to go!

Edgy Leggings Look | Hearts & Style

Walk On The Edge – Create That Perfect Moody Look With Less Fuss

Even the most zen among us have those days when we’re feeling good and ready to kick some serious butt. For those days, I recommend going a little edgier with your look. Rock a messy hairdo, go heavy on the cat-eye and wear something with studs! Combining something like these high waisted, faux leather leggings and crop top make for a classy, but slightly more “cool” look. Add some funky accessories, and you’ll be ready to rock out at a concert or look fierce AF at Starbucks. And that is the what fashion’s all about, right?

Which brings me to my question of the day…

These are my favorite ways to wear faux leather leggings. You can shop these looks via my Polyvore page, but right now I want to know what your favorite ways to wear leggings are! Tell me in the comments below or use the hashtag #LoveMyLeggings on Instagram, tag me, and let me see how you style leggings!

Until next time, keep it classy and compassionate.

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