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Tying it All Together

Have you ever gone into the weekend with certain expectations about what you wanted to do and come out thinking “where did the weekend go”? That was how my weekend went. I went to bed Friday expecting to have some outdoor fun and woke up Saturday to a cold front and several hours worth of work to do. (A temperature in the 60s is a cold front when you’re in Florida.) So outdoor activities went out the window and I ended up getting shiz done instead. Productive, but not as adventurous as I hoped.

Still, I was able to make time to get some work done for Hearts & Style that I’m excited to share with you! One of those things was an early morning shoot of my new favorite comfort top from H&M. This top is very lightweight and comfortable. The fabric is a Modal blend and so comfy! If you don’t know what Modal is, it’s a semi-synthetic, plant-based fabric made from beech tree cellulose. Typically when you see Modal, you can expect the garment to have a silky feeling. As a lovely bonus, it’s also a vegan-friendly fabric type. (If you want to learn more about vegan and cruelty-free fabrics, The Compassionate Closet has a great list.)

H&M Striped Tied Front Shirt for Women | Hearts & Style

The tying feature really brings a fun aspect to the typical striped, collared shirt. It’s formal enough to be work appropriate but casual enough to be a great go-to weekend top.

Women's Tied Front Top

The jeans are also a new favorite of mine. These pants are by far the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever owned. I don’t know if they weaved clouds into the denim, but it’s pretty freaking amazing.

Old Navy Mid-Rise Jeans Distressed | Hearts & Style

The jeans are mid-rise, so they’re perfect for my fellow hip-tastic ladies out there. The touch of spandex added to the material blend allows them to hug the hips and conform to your waist. This prevents the dreaded waist gap that I absolutely hate! (Who else suffers from WG?) Plus, the “distressed” knee look is really trendy this year. I’m not a huge proponent for cold knees, but I would make an exception for these bad boys every day of the dang week. That and an extra hairbrush, because as you can see, this new haircut is letting my hair to do whatever it wants.

I did notice something about the top I thought I should warn you about. Even for the vertically challenged, like me, the top might ride up a bit when you lift your arms. Not a problem if you’re bumming it on the weekend, but it may cause a few heads to turn in the office. To be safe, just avoid reaching for your cookie stash above the break room fridge. Ask your friendly [tall] co-worker to grab them instead. 😉

I hope you enjoy these pieces as much as I do. I can tell I’m going to be grabbing them often this Summer.

Which brings me to my question of the day…

What’s your go-to work-to-weekend piece?

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